Social Networking Sites and Their Ill Effects

Social-NetworkingPeople these days have become Internet freaks, especially the social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tagged, Orkut, etc. have really grown larger in the past five years. There are a lot of people who become addicts to such websites and whatever they do, feel happy or sad about is written on these websites.

People just click on other person’s profile and they can have sneak peek into what a person is, from where he/she belongs to, the likes/dislikes and every small thing.

It is so strange to know that Facebook has recently started a new application in which a person can even show where a person has checked in so that his or her friends come to know where that person is but this can even be read by the strangers which can even become headache for some people.

This has all been possible because of one application known as ‘Girls around Me’. Many people, when came to know this, found it really strange and sick as they didn’t wanted their privacy to be enthralled by a stranger.

So, one should always keep this thing in mind before disclosing any of the private matter in front of the society.