Apple Agrees on Refunding LTE iPad

iPadAs per reports, it has been revealed that Apple has decided that it will take back its third-generation iPad from Australian customers, who bought the phone thinking that it will work on 4G networks.

Apple started selling iPhone to Australia and nine other countries on March 16, but after few days, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said that they approached the company at the time when they realized that people have been raising concerns about faulty market tactics being used by Apple to sell iPhone.

In return, Apple said the regulators that though they have not indulged in any kind of market gimmick to sell their LTE iPad, they will provide refunds to customers, who are complaining that Apple has sold their LTE iPad using false advertising.

It has been announced that customers, who bought Apple product on March 28, will be eligible to return their phones to the company. It shall also be noted that the full refunds can be only be get before April 25, 2012.

Apple has also started contacting Australian customers through emails to know that whether or not they want to get a refund. Authorities concerned have been explaining the process of refund through emails, said sources known to the matter.