Why Does Conformity and Size Trump Performance and Vision When It Comes to CCGs?

As per reported information, it has been revealed that there are various evidences now to prove the long-held theory that size does really make a difference in this world, no matter who you are and what your field of play is.

Farewell to a fighting minnow: the smallest commissioning group in the country, which is said to be the single practice oriented on the Red House CCG, has been barred from the development because of the fresh Government legislation.

Now, it may well look like quite strange and bizarre when analyzed from the time when the NHS reforms were in its early days. A time when Andrew Lansley was beating the drums for the fact regarding his fresh plans would for the sake of ensuring that GPs as well as their patients will be playing a major vital role in influencing the manner in which the NHS provided everything for them. He made an assurance that changes for the better will soon be part of the NHS structure and will play a major role in bringing about a deep sense of improvement in terms of experiences for one and all.

“No decision about me without me” was the major voice being heard all over, but till the time David Nicholson attends the meeting of local patients group which phrase sounds hollow as hell. His view related to a bottom up approach for the sake of health care went exactly the same way on papers: bottom up.

And now, it appears as if the news may well be as depressing as the termination of Rutland CCG, though in terms of all honesty it will clearly imply anything for general practitioners rather than the termination of a cute anachronism.