Samsung Posts Notable First Quarter Profits

SamsungIt has been revealed in a report recently that Samsung Electronics has achieved a big hit in its record quarterly profit.

As per the findings of the report, the company has earned a profit of $5.15 billion in the first quarter this year. It has been told by Samsung that the profits are being seen as a result of the successful sales of its smartphones. Also, the Galaxy Note 'phablet' has been a great hit in the market.

The report has found that Samsung had made only 3% share in the market in 2009. And last year, it had grown up to a fifth of the market. Noticing the continuous rise in its profits, the firm now believes that sales of Note would considerably increase in the second quarter too.

It has been told that the part mini-tablet, which features stylus and screen half the size of the iPad, has earned nearly 5 million to the company since its launch in October last year.

Besides, the expected launch of a revamped Galaxy S by the company is believed to give a competition to Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPhone. Samsung says that its success has proven that it can soon match its rival Apple Inc. in terms of innovation.