Booker’s Sales Move Up By 4.8%

Booker’s Sales Move Up By 4.8%In a recent report, it has been claimed that the UK's biggest cash-and-carry wholesaler has managed to achieve record sales of nearly £4 billion. It was further claimed that Booker’s sales were seen moving up by 4.8% in the 12 weeks to March 23.

It was also claimed that Booker's customer numbers increased by 5% to 481,000, while internet sales moved up by 21% to £635m.

“This is a good run. It is nice that we are doing well on both sides of the business”, said Charles Wilson, chief executive, who is of the view that things are going to be fine in the time to come.

It was also claimed that the wholesaler has made significant progress in areas like its fruit and vegetables amid the constraints, which pushed the sales of products such as soft drinks.

The company has 172 branches and even is responsible for supplying nearly half a million businesses including corner shops, pubs and restaurants.

If Matthew McEachran, an analyst at Singer Capital Markets, is to be heard, it was claimed that the full-year sales were about £20 million more than what was being expected.

While Booker managed to perform good in the final quarter of its financial year, it would be worth seeing how it moves ahead.