Private Hospital in Bolton Announces to Charge Parking Fee only from NHS Patients

ParkingA sign of discrimination seems to be prevailing in a private BMI run Beaumont Hospital in Bolton, Lancs, as said by one of the NHS patients.

According to the latest news sources it has come into notice that from now onwards, all the NHS patients visiting to this hospital will now have to pay £1.50 for an hour’s parking. If they fail to pay this parking amount then they will be charged with a fine of £60.

However, these parking charges are not levied on private patients and their relatives who land up at the hospital to meet them. They are still exempted from these charges. This is something that clearly displays the ongoing two-tier system at this hospital.

As said by one patient at the hospital who was referred to by the NHS: “I was honestly disgusted. It really shows that there is a two-tier system. I didn’t ask to be referred, so why should I be treated differently? I will tell my consultant that if my treatment can be carried out at an NHS hospital I’d prefer it”.

As discussed with the hospital staff they were absolutely fine with the levying of these charges to the NHS patients, and the decision of creating two different classes at the premises was absolutely fine to them. They didn’t seem to be bothered with this pattern of changes.

Other than the private patients, disabled persons with a blue badge were also exempted from this discrimination.

Usually, all the NHS hospitals charge parking fee from their NHS patients and visitors and therefore Beaumont Hospital in Bolton also decided to follow the same pattern by charging them this fees here.

The main reason behind the tightening of security is that prior, due to several security breaches conducted at the hospital, records of millions of patients were mistakenly handed over to wrong persons. This further resulted into a large number of blunders taking place in the health services since last four years.

In some cases NHS staff and residents were found to be illegally accessing patient’s records for pursuing personal vendettas. Therefore they have been levied with this charge.