Abu Dhabi Municipality Carries Out Demolition Drive

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has started drive against unauthorized renovations and partitions made in commercial and residential building in line with its aim to remove and discourage illegal structures and constructions.

A press release by the municipality warned people against such unauthorized encroachments adding that strict actions would be taken against offenders. The Abu Dhabi Municipality staff cracked down on partitions and extensions in Zaafraneh and Al Buttain area and completely removed illegal structures.

Such partitions and extensions in Zaafraneh and Al Buttain area have been removed under to campaign for preventing bachelors for using commercial and residential sites.

The municipality staff demolished13 villas and a building in Zaafraneh under the first phase. Similarly, the municipal centre teams and police officials launched second phase at Al Bateen demolishing unauthorized extensions and makeshift plaster and timber walls.

The civic body admitted the adverse social and economic impact of providing space to bachelors in the extension and partitions made in villas and apartments. Its official already raided on many sites to check the building conditions in Abu Dhabi.