Health and Social Care Bill Passed

Health and Social Care Bill PassedRecent news proposed that the Health and Social Care Bill has been approved on March 27 and now will be practiced as a law. Under this law, the Virgin Care will be assisting NHS by providing community health services across Surrey.

It has been revealed that the services will come into action on April 1 by next year. The contract between NHS and Virgin Care was worth £500 million.

Though it was a not joke to be laughed upon, for a few it was a matter to give a second thought that it was actually the Richard Branson’s company, which would be providing services across the country, including the sex health services.

This is the first ever time that a private company has been indulged in providing services. Many of the people are thinking that the company will only look after their own profit and will have no concern with the health of the public.

Other parts of the government health reforms saw the responsibilities of all the spending to be done by GPs and other clinicians. This means that the GPs and the clinicians will be responsible behind every pound spent, they will be having the power of deciding what equipment or medicine or any other thing needs to be brought in the hospital premises. They will be given the power of planning and paying for health care.

However, the bill has been opposed by many of the health officials who have stated that if such a reform is actually implemented, then there are more chances of the NHS becoming privatized. Moreover, the facilities for the NHS patients will even be declined.

However, Department of Health spokesman said, “Our plans to modernise the NHS will actually save the taxpayer £4.5 billion between now and 2015 because we are removing large swathes of bureaucracy. This money will be reinvested in the NHS”.