Red Cross Drives Canceled Because Of Strike

American-Red-CrossThe American Red Cross from time to time organizes various drives to collect blood. However, this year, the strike by the American Red Cross workers has caused problems to the American Red Cross in collecting blood.

The strike has been called by the Lansing-based Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 459 and members of the Teamsters Local 580. The workers have been on strike since 30th of March.

The strike has been called to show agitation with the way the Red Cross operates. The Local 459 has alleged the Red Cross for using unfair labor practices. It has further been alleged of negotiating on health care, safety practices and other issues.

The Spokeswoman of the American Red Cross, Monica Stoneking, was reported as saying, “(Blood drives) are being canceled and rescheduled. It depends on how many workers we can transport to the different locations. For example, (Wednesday) we had 24 blood drives scheduled, but were only able to hold two in our region”.

She further noted that the blood supply is already low and further cuts in the drives would cause disastrous impact over the life of patients who are in need of blood. The blood collected through the drives help in saving lives of people who have met with fatal accidents.

Every day a number of people meet with accident. Blood is required to meet the loss of blood occurred at the time of accidents. However, the cancelation of drive would largely impact the Red Cross. It is not certain as to how long the workers would be on strike. But, it is hoped that soon the strike would ended and blood donation drives would be organized by the Red Cross.