Programs Launched To Help Protect the Endangered Species of Red Squirrels

Red-SquirrelsAs per recent reports, it has been declared that the residents of the Northern England have been specially requested to come forward and help protect and increase the population of red squirrels.

It has been unveiled that the people are appealed to report any of the conservation group after observing a red squirrel.

Alongside, the Red Squirrels Northern England group has launched a study in which about 100 volunteers will be participating and will visit over 270 woodlands in the next two months; they will be covering the North area of England and will be visiting the woods of Northumberland, Cumbria, Lancashire, Durham and North Yorkshire.

The officials of the group have affirmed that the study has been introduced to estimate the population of the endangered species and also to obtain their hairs for analysis. They emphasized that this will further, help determine their species and also help to determine that the efforts that were implemented to protect this species have been successful or not.

It has been discovered that the team of volunteers will not be alone while their visit to the woods, they will be assisted by an experienced staff that will guide them. The staff will be from the Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) conservation partnership.

As per the findings, it has been concluded that the native squirrels have a threat from the virus-carrying greys. These greys carry a lethal virus which has the power to infect these squirrels and due to which many of them die.

Moreover, apart from the efforts of the Red Squirrels Northern England group, even the Northumberland Wildlife Trust has come forward to determine the status of the conservation schemes imposed to protect these red squirrels. It has been asserted that the red squirrels are an important part of the woodlands, so they need to be protected.