Mum and Daughter Mark Victory over Cancer

Mum and Daughter Mark Victory over CancerIt has been reported that a woman and her daughter have together defeated cancer by continuously fighting against it. It has been informed that when a mum of 17 years old Laura Williamson was battling with breast cancer her daughter was diagnosed with skin cancer.

The news was tormenting for the two. But they didn’t lose the hope and continued in their fight against cancer. Bridget Whelan, mum of Laura Williamson is 50 years old and now is free of breast cancer. Both mother and daughter have fought against cancer courageously and won the heart of millions.

The due belongs to Alvaston located in Derbyshire. They both have gone through chemotherapy together and have supported each other while their stay in the hospital. During an interview, Bridget said, “I thought I'd overcome the biggest hurdle… - but I was wrong. Nothing could have prepared me to hear my teenage daughter was about to go through the same thing. I was living the nightmare all over again”.

Laura had been watching her mother closely during her recovery from cancer. One day, she visited her GP complaining of a mole on her leg which was changing its shape. She was shocked when doctors break the news of her being affected with skin cancer.

It was shocking for her family as well to hear about another case of cancer. But Laura just like her mother was determined to get rid of it cancer by fighting. She immediately asked the doctors to begin the treatment and consequently she was saved from the deadly disease.

Cancer is curable if it is detected timely. Timely treatment can do wonders for a patient affected with cancer. The government has although made the cancer diagnosis tests available for the public, people are still unaware of it.