Drug To Repair Heart Damage and Prevent Attack

Drug To Repair Heart Damage and Prevent AttackOfficial data has revealed that every year, 1,20,000 people living in Britain suffer a heart attack in which blood supply to the heart stops immediately due to a blood clot.

However, there are chances that a new drug, which boasts of not only stopping the attack, but also of repairing the damage being done to heart after attack, will be able to help a lot many Britons.

A lot many hopes are being attached with the new drug, as it is expected that it will be able to change the level of treatment being provided to thousands of patients, who have suffered cardiac arrest.

The drug is said to mimic the natural compound found in the body, which helps in repairing the damaged heart. Name of the natural action which drug mimics is known as hepatocyte growth factor. Clinical trial was taken out in March, in which 80 patients were being enrolled and all were given the drug for four days.

The Yale University researchers said that the treatment is meant to dissolve the blood clot that has caused heart attack. Dissolving of the blood clot will help the blood supply to the heart to get normal. The drug is known as BB3, and is expected to perform the function of hepatocyte growth factor.

The hepatocyte growth factor can be called as natural tool kit of human body. It helps in encouraging the formation of blood vessels and it also boosts the supply of blood vessels.

The study researchers further affirmed that there are great possibilities that the drug can be used for other medical purposes as well. A clinical trial for treating ischemic stroke is also scheduled to start and it is expected that the drug will be able to treat destroyed brain cells, which gets affected due to brain stroke.