Daffodil Month: Appeal To Save Cancer Patients

Daffodil Month: Appeal To Save Cancer PatientsApril is celebrated as Daffodil Month and April 27 will be celebrated as Daffodil Day across Canada. It is the month in which volunteers raise funds across the country for the Canadian Cancer Society. Raising funds does not involve a lengthy process and one has to sell bright, yellow colored daffodils to people in order to raise funds.

There are various ways to sell these flowers, like volunteers travel door to door in order to raise funds, other way is that the society provides online buying opportunity for people, who can buy daffodils online and volunteers, will deliver them flowers at the given address. Other option is that volunteers set up flower shops at various spots at different regions and sell daffodils.

One can buy a single stick, or a bouquet and even a flower pot which will have baby daffodils. In addition to flowers, the charity also adds us small gifts like chocolate box, soft toys and other things, so that it can act as a perfect gift for others.

The Daffodil month is celebrated with great vigor in the country and a lot many activities will be organized on the Daffodil day. Canadian Cancer Society has asked people to come forth and support people, who have been living with cancer.

They have also passed on a message that they must wear the iconic yellow daffodil to support Daffodil Month. Ontarians has always worked together to raise funds for the society and this time also it is expected that Ontarians will set another benchmark.

It is been five decades that Daffodil month is being organized and Ontario became the region to raise maximum funds by collecting more than $2.4 million for the society. The funds have been effectively used to conduct a lot many cancer studies in the country.