Tube and Bus passengers in United Kingdom face higher traveling cost

Despite transport companies trumpeting that ticket prices in the UK have been raised by just 1.1 per cent, some rail passengers will face a sharp rise of 15 per cent in fares.

Average Tube ticket prices have been pushed up by 3.9 per cent, while bus fares have gone up by 12.7 per cent.

Passengers with Oyster cards will also have to pay 20p more per journey on buses as well as the Tube. Bus pass for seven days will now cost 16.60 pounds as compared with 13.80 pounds. However, cost of travel card will not alter.

The cost of London to Swindon supersaver ticket has gone up by 15 per cent to settle at 23 pounds. 

However, regulated fares will fall slightly, by 0.4 per cent, because they are pegged to July’s recessionary inflation rate of -0.4 per cent. It may be noted here that regulated fairs can be increased just one per cent above inflation.