New Mental-Health Facility to Come Up At VGH

New Mental-Health Facility to Come Up At VGHNearly $48 million have been pledged by Premier Christy Clark to fund the new mental-health facility at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). The overall cost of the building would be $73 million. The new building would replace the old current building, which has been in service of nearly seven decades and would be demolished.

According to Clark, the estimated time to finish the new building is three years and the process would start once the plans are finalized in the later part of this year. She also added that it is a very positive step and with the coming of this new facility, there would be reductions in the cost undertaken by the patients by combining the services provide to in-patient as well as out-patients.

It would also enable better care to patients and their families and a healthy environment for those with mental illness. With the help of outstanding team of professionals, the care services would also get the much needed boost.

This project has delayed for a long time, due to which, the government has been criticized a lot. Last year, Joseph Segal donated money for the project, after he was hospitalized at VGH following a stroke. Although three years is long, it is a step in a positive direction.