Government Orders Investigation over NHS Overnight Patients’ Discharge

NHSRumors complaining immediate discharge over the night of thousands of patients admitted in several NHS hospital just in order to free up beds, are strongly troubling the government, who have now ordered an urgent investigation in the case to find out the facts regarding the issue.

Government came to know about the action after learning from the figures that many hospital patients admitted in 100 NHS hospitals all over the England were discharged overnight to free up beds last year between 23:00 and

The list of affected patients counts 239,233 patients, according to the discovered details by The Times newspaper via Freedom of Information requests.

To collect information regarding the matter, almost 170 NHS trusts across England were contacted by the paper but only 100 trusts contributed their efforts in enlightening the required details.

Commenting over the appropriate discharge terms of a patient from any hospital facilities, NHS Medical Director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh said that people must be discharged from the medical center only if his health is fit for the action because safety matters more for any patient.

Reports from paper also cleared that approx 3.5% for total discharges from 100 hospitals are done usually between these night hours and the trend of these overnight discharges are ongoing since past five years.

It will really trouble the situation, if rest 70 trusts also start following the similar overnight discharge patterns with getting an addition of 400,000 immediately in a year with 8,000 a week.

Regarding the situation, Prof Sir Bruce said: "I am concerned to hear that some patients may be being discharged unnecessarily late. It is simply not fair to be sending people home late at night. We will look at this”.