Pizzas Rule Restaurants’ Menus

Pizzas Rule Restaurants’ MenusA group of surveyors from Technomic has revealed recently that pizzas are being chosen the most by customers in restaurants than any other food item.

It has been revealed that large varieties of pizzas, including vegetarian and garden, have been attracting large number of consumers to food outlets.

While, all other chows like the cardboard-y dough or oily pepperoni discs of old are kept aside these days. Nearly 41% people have reported that they consume pizzas once in every week. However, the figure was noted to be
26% two years ago, the report says.

Pizza Hut restaurants in the U. K have decided to add hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizzas with a mustard drizzle in their menus, noticing the high sales of pizzas.

Umami Burger entrepreneur Adam Flesichman has told that opening of his 800 Degrees pizzeria in Westwood has earned him a notable count of customers this year. Also, launch of Artisan pizza line by Domino's in September has made it to see a startling long line of consumers.

Seeing the same, the company had also launched an ad campaign so as to inform customers that an addition of ingredients would not be allowed.