Study Claims That Menthol Smokers Are More Prone To Strokes

Study Claims That Menthol Smokers Are More Prone To StrokesCigarette smoking is always bad for health. It is one of the major reasons for many types of cancer. There have been many campaigns undertaken and a lot of studies that have highlighted the ill-effects of smoking. But a North American study has brought out some facts that have given smoking a new direction. According to the study people who smoke mentholated cigarettes are more prone to having stokes than those who smoke normal cigarettes.

These facts are especially true for women and non-African Americans. The author of the study, Nicholas Vozoris has categorically said that although smoking itself is injurious for health, people should especially stay away from cigarettes that have menthol in it.

During the study Vozoris analyzed the information that came out of the US Health and Lifestyle survey. In this survey over 5,000 adult smokers were questioned over a period of eight years from 2001 to 2008. All in all there were one fourth of the participants that were menthol smokers and the rest were non-mentholated ones. Out of the menthol smokers there were nearly 3.5% people that admitted of having stroke, compared to just 2.7% in the case of non-menthol smokers.

The author also took into account the age, race, gender and the amount of cigarettes a person smoked. After analyzing all the figures, Vozoris found that menthol smokers are at a greater risk of getting stroke compared to those who opted for non-mentholated cigarettes. There have been many experts that have said that menthol cigarettes make it really easy to start smoking and harder to quit as it masks the harshness of the tobacco with its taste. This has highlighted a bigger picture regarding menthol cigarettes which many thought had less affect on smokers.