Band Groups Come Forward to Help Raise Funds for Helene Campbell

Band Groups Come Forward to Help Raise Funds for Helene CampbellIt has been unveiled that a group has come forward to assist the family of Helene Campbell, by raising funds.

It has been reported that Helene Campbell is recently recovering at the Toronto General Hospital after undergoing two transplant surgeries of lungs.

As per the recent reports, it has been declared that the group will be organizing a concert in Ottawa on April 22. It has been revealed that the concert, Band for Breath, has been organized by Chez 106 DJ Woody and Luc Langlois, a teacher of Helene.

Woody said, "This is a wonderful individual that is gaining notoriety for being selfless. I'm just here to help this thing be a success".

It has been declared that band will perform at Greenfields Pub at 900 Greenbank Rd. from 2 p. m. to 10 p. m. Moreover, it has been reported that a total of eight bands will be performing that evening. Other events of the evening include raffles, auctions.

Nevertheless, it has even been termed out as a platform for all those who wish to donate their organs; an opportunity to sign up for the deed is even included as a part of the evening.

The participants of the event are hoping that will be able to collect enough funds to support the family.