Shift Workers who are at Higher Risks of Suffering from Diabetes, Suggests Study

DiabetesIf you are also working as a shift worker, getting to sleep very little and that too at wrong hours of the day, then this news stands important for you.

A study ran recently by scientists in the United States has revealed higher risks of suffering from diabetes for shift workers, who get very little time to sleep and that too at the wrong time of the day.

The researchers have explained in their findings that following abnormal sleeping patterns (i. e. sleeping lesser than the essential sleeping hours or sleeping at odd hours of the day instead of sleeping in night) restricts the body from efficiently controlling its sugar levels. This further can make the body more prone to diabetes, say researchers.

In order to efficiently learn how shift working can trigger the risks of diabetes in shift workers, researchers ran their study in artificially created environment for three weeks. The participants in the trial were made feel constantly jet lagged.

The findings really astonished the researchers towards the end of the study, as approx 21 participants of the trial were noticed with increased sugar levels, which were soon categorized as pre-diabetic by experts.

Earlier also several studies claimed that shift workers are at higher risks of suffering from obesity or diabetes but failure to identify the mechanism did not ruled out the finding’s impact upon people much, reveals Lead researcher Dr. Orfeu Buxton, from the Harvard Medical School.

"What we found in this study was that when we induced circadian disruption (activity and rhythm disruption) in the laboratory for three weeks we could alter glucose metabolism in a way that would predict elevated diabetes risk”, he said.

The researchers are still trying to confirm why the pancreas is not responding in the situation.