Research Recommends Opening Multiple Injection Sites

Research Recommends Opening Multiple Injection SitesA recent report has confirmed that there is need for developing two supervised injection facilities in Ottawa and three in Toronto, which could change a lot in terms of public health. It has been claimed by researchers led by the University of Toronto's Carol Strike that such facilities can considerably improve the health of drug users, which would subsequently improve the health system, too.

"We projected that supervised injection facilities would prevent HIV and hepatitis C infections and result in multiple benefits for people who use drugs in Toronto and Ottawa", said Carol Strike, who along with Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto conducted the research.

There is need for people to understand that such facilities are sign of a progressive society and this message should be put across one and all.

As far as Toronto is concerned, the drug use is widely distributed, while situation is a lot better in Ottawa. Perhaps that's what instead of a single facility; multiple sites are being recommended which can change the future course of drug users.

It was further said that among the drug users, there are as many as 11% who are battling with HIV in Ottawa and some 4% in Toronto, which makes the issue all the more serious. In addition, as many as 60% drug users in Ottawa and some 52% in Toronto are dealing with hepatitis C too.

As of now, Vancouver's Insite is the only supervised drug injection clinic in North America, but there is need for many such supervised drug injection sites to be opened to make the life of public a lot better in the tome to come.

While there are many who strongly believe that such sites can reduce the number of fatal overdoses, and can even curtail the prevalence of infectious disease too, it would be interesting to see if the proposal is approved in the end or not.