Menthol Cigarettes Can Lead To Higher Health Risks

Menthol-CigarettesAs per the findings of a new study, it has been revealed that smoking menthol cigarettes can lead up to higher risks of being affected by a stroke. It has been revealed that the risks encountered are expected to be double than those caused by normal variants of cigarettes.

A survey, conducted from 2001 to 2008 by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), collected information from as many as 5,167 smokers. As a consequence, it was discovered that the risk of stokes to be encountered by the menthol smokers is about 2.25 times higher than the other smokers.

Further, it was illustrated that the women were at approximately 3.28 times greater risk of being affected by stokes and the non-American smokers were at even a much higher level of risk, which was 3.48 times more.

The results have out thrown the outdated misconception which emphasized that menthol smoking is much safer for health in comparison to regular smoking. It is being expected that the results will surely surprise the smokers of New Zealand who had great belief in the saying mentioned above.

However, it has been discovered that the misconception prevailed more amongst those people who were financially unstable, including the older, Maori, Pacific and Asian.

Moreover, the ugly truth behind the flavoring of cigarettes depict that the introduction of flavors encourages the youth generation falling into the habit of smoking.

New Zealand Smoke free Coalition Director Prudence Stone said “It's important to be skeptical of an industry that flavors tobacco products as a recruitment strategy. Putting flavors, sugar and other additives into tobacco products make them more palatable, despite the health risks, making them extra dangerous”.

However, the Lead Researcher of the study, Dr Nicholas Vozoris, stated that none of the cigarettes, be it flavored or not, is good for health. However, flavored ones can lead up to higher health risks.