Sleep Well Enough To Avoid Diabetes

Sleep Well Enough To Avoid DiabetesA latest research has proposed that people who sleep too little or at odd times, are expected to face the consequences in the later run of their life.

It has been demonstrated that regular sleep is very essential to keep a person fit, else it can lead one to fall victim to diabetes, heart disease and other ailments.

The team of researchers analyzed 21 healthy participants, whose diet and schedule were well controlled, but later on, their sleep timings were restricted to 5½ hours and also in rotations, to make the situation similar to the one experienced by shift workers.

The research has provided with several evidences that point towards the increase risk of these diseases due to sleep disorders.

It has been narrated that the people who sleep less than five hours or the ones who work during the night shifts, are the major ones who tend to be affected by type 2 diabetes. It has been revealed that the disease has been majorly caused due to the improper diet and imbalanced schedule or physical activity.

Lead author of the study Orfeu Buxton, of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a neuroscientist, said, “As sleep drops and normal biological rhythms are disrupted, your body physically changes in ways that can help set the stage for diabetes”.