Avastin Trial Results Raise Questions on Its Potentiality

AvastinAs per the findings of a supervisory body, it has been revealed that potentiality of a drug has been questioned regarding whether it increases the survival rates or not.

It has been declared that the working of the drug is unclear and hence, it has been illustrated that the drug will no longer be used to treat breast cancer.

The regulators of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) stated that the drug, Avastin (bevacizumab) had not been suggested to be given with chemotherapy session of capecitabine.

Moreover, it was brought to notice that the recommendation of the drug in the hospitals of NHS was not a good decision so far as the cost is concerned. It has been demonstrated that the drug is cost-effective and above all, no evidences till now have been put forward, which prove that the drug show better results in comparison to others, in increasing the survival rates in case of breast cancer patients.

Sir Andrew Dillon, the Chief Executive of Nice, exaggerated that he understands that demand for an effective treatment for cancer has increased dramatically, but at the same time emphasized that he cannot recommend such a drug which shows no better results than others and is far too expensive.

He said, “We want to ensure people have access to the best treatments the NHS can afford; bevacizumab has so far not been proven to be clinically or cost-effective”.

The reports put forward by Nice have been put forth the drug's manufacturer, healthcare professionals and members of the public to put down their reviews on the analysis.

Despite, the findings NHS, London has declared that it will be funding the drug for patients, who have high hopes from this drug and have applied through the cancer drugs fund set up by the Government.