Rate Of Violence in England and Wales Drops By 4%

EnglandIt seems that the people of Wales have been seeing a collaborative effort in dealing with violence. For the third year in a row, the violence related injury cases being tackled at the Welsh hospitals have seen a substantial decline. This is evident from the annual study that is conducted by the Cardiff University. They have found that the rate of serious violence dropped from 10.1 injuries per 1,000 residents in 1997 to 5.7 in 2008. Overall in England and well as Wales, there has been a decline of 4% in casually treated patients for violence.

This comes as very pleasant news as it means that the society is emerging into a more profound the social order, which is why cases of domestic violence has seen a decline. In 2011, an estimated 307,998 people in England and Wales were injured which is 10,879 fewer than those in 2010. The study took the data from 42 hospitals and analyzed it to find the violence trend in both England and Wales.

Prof Jonathan Shepherd, who is the lead author of the study said,” We are also pleased to see the substantial decline in violence in Wales over the past 15 years, narrowing the traditional gap with England". Right now they have only released the overall figures and individual figures for various hospitals have not been made public.

Till 2009 the rate of serious violence in England was time and again lower than that in Wales. While the rate of violence was 12.6 per 1000 men in Wales it was just 7.6 per 1000 men in England. But in the last three years there has been sufficient decline in violence cases in Wales which had brought it near about at the same level as that of England.