NZ Placed Worst in terms of Salt Content in Junk Food

SaltHealth authorities are becoming more concerned with the people’s health and so are they investigating more upon the salt levels or sugar levels or other factors present in the food that can harm an eater’s health.

Based upon the same facts, the Canadian Medical Association released in its recent reports that junk food sold in New Zealand has higher content of salt levels as compared to the food sold in other nations like United States, Canada and Britain.

Researchers are claiming that their study showed that among six different countries, New Zealand is serving its people with the highest salt levels in their commonly sold fast foods especially hamburgers.

The main focus of the report was over menu items of Burger King, Domino's Pizza, KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway. Reports confirmed that New Zealand burgers had the highest salt levels with averagely serving 1.4g salt per 100g. Britain burgers had 1.1g and France had 1.2g salt levels, said the report.

Dr. Cliona Ni Mhurchu from the Auckland University, who conducted the New Zealand research for the study, said, ''If you think about the idea that the amount of salt we are meant to have in one day is between five to six grams, it suggests that we could be consuming a huge amount of our daily salt intake from just one item of fast food”.

The health authorities in several other regions have successfully lessened the salt levels in the junk food items and so have the authorities in New Zealand now focusing to do.

Like Britain and France, New Zealand can also introduce government-led initiatives to reduce salt levels in food, suggests Dr. Mhurchu.

The Heart Foundation in the region has already started working to get the initiatives placed with food producers. Authorities are hoping that the work will soon begin in New Zealand's fast food industry too.