Aggressive Game Players can Suffer Brain Shrinkage

Aggressive Game Players can Suffer Brain ShrinkageAs per a research, which has been presented at the American Academy of Neurology, it has been revealed that if a sports personality gets repeatedly hurt on brain, then there are chances that vital parts of his brain starts shrinking.

It shall, however, be noted that the study researchers were talking about those sport personalities, which play aggressive games, like football. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Brain Research Center in Las Vegas said that they have been trying to find out the link between memory loss and repeated brain blows.

Lead researcher Dr. Charles Bernick said that they are studying the matter, and presented results should be considered as preliminary. He further affirmed that they are trying to know how much a person's brain can be affected with repeated blows.

More than footballers, boxers have to face repeated blows at brain area. Though they wear helmets, repeated punches and falling on the stage make them suffer from brain injuries. Charles said that he is not the first one, who is of the view that aggressive sports game players suffer from brain injuries.

"Known for years that boxers, perhaps 20 percent to 50 percent of boxers who've fought professionally, will develop long-term brain complications", said Charles.

In order to prove their hypothesis, Charles enrolled 78 boxers and mixed martial arts fighters. He said that they wanted to study their professional life, like how often they get hit. In addition, they were asked to undergo memory and verbal tests.

Charles said that after assessing them for a significant time period, he has reached at a conclusion that shrinkage does not start occurring before nine years in sports personalities' career life.