Research Moves Ahead In Curing Spinal Injuries

Research Moves Ahead In Curing Spinal InjuriesIt seems that there is some good news in store for those who are suffering from spinal injuries, as a recent study has managed to make monkeys pick up a ball with their paralyzed hands. It was made possible with the help of brain electrode implants.

The research was done by a team from Chicago's Northwestern University, which is of the view that the monkeys' hands were anaesthetized during the trials, but still they managed to respond. "This connection from brain to muscles might someday be used to help patients paralysed due to spinal cord injury perform activities of daily living and achieve greater independence", said researcher Lee Miller from Chicago's Northwestern University.

The team also admitted that there was indeed some difference in the research subjects and other paralysed subjects who are found to have overused weak muscles. As of now, almost similar electrical stimulation devices are being used for those who are having spinal injuries, but this research is indeed a step ahead.

Looking at the results, there are expectations that extended research would be done in the coming five years to make sure that those who are feeling the pain of spinal injuries are being given some sort of relief.