Dubai Airport Terminal 3 launched smoothly

On Tuesday Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3 commenced operations, after years in the making, $4.5 billion, and several operational trials.

Taking care of the passengers, Emirates Airline ground staff in their unique beige and red uniforms and Dubai Airports staff in their navy blue greeted and escorted the passengers through the terminal, while keeping an alert eye out for any that might lose their way.

The passengers were also overwhelmed by the guidance provided by the staff, and they very much liked the new terminal.

Following this, the first Emirates flight EK843 Dubai-Doha which is an Airbus A330-200 with the capacity of 136 passengers, took off in time at 14:15 hours.

Ahmed Shawky travelling on the first flight to Doha was a bit flustered before he checked in and told, "The airport didn't feel warm – the other terminal was like home." However, when he checked the terminal from inside, he explained, "It's amazing from inside - luxurious, spacious, and you don't stand in queues."

He further said, "It is so big it's quite a long walk but there is staff all along to direct and they are very helpful. The terminal's size, which can handle 43 million passengers, and lack of car and people traffic, was frequently commented on by passengers. Ian J Plamondon, a businessman returning to Bahrain commented

"The other airport is quite busy with a lot of traffic so I'm looking forward to travelling to and from Terminal 3."