Who Will Replace Warren Buffett?

Warren-Buffett.jpgWarren-BuffettWhile there is no doubt over the fact that prostate cancer has become more or less a contentious health concern of lately, a recent report confirmed that the Chairman and Chief Executive of Berkshire Hathaway has been suffering from the same. The news of the 81 years old man being diagnosed with prostate cancer has come as nothing less than a shocker for the international community, which has indomitable respect for the man who since 1965 has been leading his business.

It was on April 11 that he was told about the disease along with his medical reports including a CAT scan, a bone scan and an MRI. In order to shove off air of uncertainty, he has made it clear that he is very much fine and there is nothing much to worry about the same.

However, the good news is that since the cancer was identified at an early stage, it is not lethal and that’s why he would be undergoing a treatment for two months, which would start from mid July.

The moment the news struck the community, speculations about the potential replacement has been started. While the man himself confirmed that the members of Berkshire's board have already decided the man and have even kept two backups too, the name of the man has been kept under covers.

Nonetheless, every single person has his own definition for the suitable man. "I would bet on somebody who doesn't have a high profile and who is not in the rumor mill”, said David Winters, a shareholder for more than two decades whose mutual fund, the Wintergreen Fund, holds $67 million in Berkshire stock.

The man has become a household name nationwide once he showed his refined investment approach, which even made him gain the title of Wall Street oracle. It would be worth seeing who will come out as the best man for the lucrative role.