Sturgeon Criticizes Consort for the Power Failure Blunder

NHSThere has been a huge outcry and anger over a private firm’s hospital blunder that led to a surgeon stitching up a patient using torchlight. There was a planned maintenance work on the emergency power supply to be carried out by the consort after the surgery had finished, but the power was cut off too early, while the doctors were still at work.

At that time, there were two operating theaters that were undergoing operations. While one surgery was postponed till the power came back on, other patients was sewn up under torchlight.

Now the health secretary has also backed the NHS Lohian who has been criticizing the private firm over such a horrendous practice. NHS Lothian was pretty upset and frustrated with the performance of the Consort and was even consulting lawyers to discuss the options in front of them. The Health Secretary, Ms. Sturgeon said, "NHS Lothian is right to demand that the company gets its act together. It's absolutely right to look at all of its legal options and they have my 100% support in doing that".

Under the contract between Consort and NHS, over £60 million a year is paid to the Consort for operating the hospital's non-medical services, such as maintenance, security and cleaning. There has been a repeated incidence like these which could have serious and potential life threatening outcomes. If some stringent action is not taken soon, then this type of behavior would continue, threatening lives of many. Stephen Gordon, Director of Consort assured that they have taken this incident very seriously and have called in an investigation into the matter. They would take proper action against anyone who is responsible and would make amendments so that things like these don’t happen again in the future.