GEMA files Case against You Tube

GEMA files Case against You TubeAs per reports, it has been revealed that You Tube has been asked by a German court in Hamburg that it is responsible for the content its users put on You Tube website. There are chances that it might have to pay royalties to company, which holds video rights.

They have also warned them that the website should take care that no such video gets posted by its users, whose rights are held by a music-royalties collecting body. It is not the first time when such incident has happened where the court has taken the side of a local company.

The Hamburg state court took the side of Germany's GEMA and asked Google’s You Tube to be cautious for the next time. It has to be seen how much penalty is charged on them. It has been found that GEMA represents 60,000 German writers and musicians, and it was very important to win this lawsuit.

Google’s You Tube is charged for 12 temporarily uploaded music videos, and the GEMA said that You Tube has not paid them any kind of royalty for uploading these video. However, You Tube is not ready to accept that they are responsible for the videos that are being uploaded on its website.

They further affirmed that they try their best to remove such content from their website. However, it is not possible for them to do it every time. In addition, it has been found that Google has agreed to negotiate with GEMA. It is said that both the companies might held talks in regard to copyright content. If things work out, then it is possible that Google’s You Tube gets an escape from paying the royalty.