Blooming Great Tea Party: Sip and Raise Funds

Blooming Great Tea Party: Sip and Raise FundsAs per the recent findings, it has been illustrated that the people across Bristol are enjoying while collecting charity for a cause.

It has been reported that the Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charitable organization, is out with its annual fundraiser event, Blooming Great Tea Party. It has been illustrated that during the event, the people enjoy tea and cake either as a group or a party is organized with a theme based on tea.

It has been reported that the event has been launched at the Piccolino's in Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus.

The registered charity has been into the act of raising funds for the people suffering from cancer and their families, since years. It has been renounced for the free care services it has been providing for all end of life patients and their families. Nevertheless, they try their best to give out the best services to the patients. They strongly believe in providing a good quality care.

This year the charity aims at raising the funds to help Marie Curie nurses, go forward and provide care services to the people suffering from terminal cancer or other incurable disease at their homes. It has been revealed that the nurses are paid £20 for one hour of care service to the terminally ill patients at their homes.

It has been exaggerated that the event is a fun to watch and also promote. Many of the volunteers and fundraisers who participate in the event asserted that it was fun to be a part of the tea party and at the same time raise funds for the cause.

Furthermore, the charity is also encouraging the residents to launch such tea parties even in the local communities of Bristol in June and July, to support the organization.