Huge Increase Predicted for Dementia Cases in Bayside

Huge Increase Predicted for Dementia Cases in BaysideAlzheimer’s disease also known in medical literature as Alzheimer disease is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure for the disease which makes it very intricate. Now a study commissioned by Alzheimer’s Australia has come out with numbers that would be a worrying factor for many residents of Bayside. It is estimated that the number of people with dementia residing in Bayside would grow by 142% by 2050. If the figures are true then the number would increase dramatically from the current 1709 to 4144.

The numbers are really alarming as it deduces the fact that all the campaigns to raise awareness among people regarding dementia have not been fruitful. Alzheimer’s Australia state chief executive Maree McCabe has now called for stringent measures by the government to prioritize research and awareness. According to him there would be a huge burden on the nation’s exchequer due to this prevalence of dementia and it would cost nearly $83 billion annually by 2050. This number is huge and in order to avoid that situation some strict actions need to be undertaken. The Federal government has already announced $268.4 million over five years to tackle dementia.

Currently there are nearly 72,000 Victorians that suffer from dementia. Without any medical breakthrough or even serious funding in research programs this number is also expected to go up to almost 246,000 by 2050. It would place a heavy toll on medical and support services. The report has highlighted a lot of factors like population growth and an ageing population behind this increase in number. It has also stated that the current trend of reduction in physical activity also will play a huge role in the increase in dementia cases.