Miracle Recovery for a Road Crash Victim

Miracle Recovery for a Road Crash VictimLife has strongly favored Mr. Steven Thorpe, who even after being declared brain dead with no chances of life, made his almost full recovery and proved all the medics wrong.

At the age of seventeen years, Steven met a road accident which gave him several horrific injuries and left another man dead. Admission to hospital and test reports from doctors declared him brain dead as the tests could not find any brain pulse in his organ.

Doctors place Steven in a chemically induced coma. No hope of his recovery was given to his parents. Moreover, doctors also insisted them to consider his organs donation and were just about to switch-off the life support.

But there is a saying, that above doctors, the only life saver is god and this miracle has undoubtedly come from his side.

Yes, Steven's parents requested the hospital staff and doctors to once again check their son. They even enlisted Private GP Ms. Julia Piper to examine their son again. Doctors at University Hospital in Coventry then arranged a neurologist to re-examine him.

And this time the miracle occurred as the doctors detected some faint signs of brain activity and a slight chance of him making a recovery. Doctors got him out of the induced coma to let him survive on his own.

Soon, Steven stunned all the docs with his almost full recovery and that too before being discharged from hospital just five weeks later.

Speaking yesterday about the whole incidence for the first time, Steven said: "If my parents hadn't asked for the second opinion, I wouldn't be here today. I think the doctors wanted to turn the life support off the next day."