Latino Cancer Patients Survive For Longer Time after Cancer Diagnosis

Latino Cancer Patients Survive For Longer Time after Cancer DiagnosisThere has been a long debate going on the fact that when it comes to breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease, Latino patients in the US have a longer survival time after the diagnosis as compared to their non-Latino white and black counterparts. This has often been termed as the Hispanic paradox by many researchers. Now the scientists at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami have come up with a new study whose findings act as a feather on the hat. In a paper published online this week by the journal Cancer, the study claims that the same trends is also applicable for lung cancer patients.

The researchers came to this conclusion after observing nearly 172,398 patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer between 1988 and 2007. They found that out of the lot, nearly 18,206 Latino patients had a 15% lower risk of dying than the non-Latino white patients. Moreover this number was even greater for black patients who were slightly more likely to die than non-Latino white patients. These figures were not confined within the country and the researchers found that there were no significant differences in mortality in Latino patients born abroad.

Although this comes as a welcome news for many Latinos, there hasn't been much known on the fact as to why Latino patients tended to live longer. Some have suggested that it might be linked to less smoking while others have said that it might have something to do with genetics. These findings are more significant because they are indicative of the Hispanic population in general and are not specific to specific groups of Hispanics. Whatever may be the reason, one thing is for sure that Latinos have a lot going in favor for them as far as various types of cancers are concerned.