Boy Taken Away By Father Soon Before Heart Transplant

Boy Taken Away By Father Soon Before Heart TransplantAs per recent findings, it has been reported that a boy, who was waiting for a heart transplant, was taken away by his father just before a heart transplant. It has been reported that the boy flew this week from Kansas City to St. Louis city for a heart transplant.

It has been revealed that the case came into notice after the boy's name was called out as the next patient for heart transplant and he didn't turn up.

Soon after the notification of the case, police department of St Louis city of US have issued an alert against child-abduction.

It has been recovered that the child, Porter Stone has been missing from the Children's Hospital since 4:20 pm, when his father came to meet him and took him along, after calling Stone's mother and stating her that he was taking the child along with him.

After interrogating from the mother of the boy, it was acknowledged that the couple was already into a dispute over the custody of the child.

Further, Officer Sherri Bruns of the St Louis Police Department stated that when the kid left the hospital premises, he was reported to be carrying a backpack, which included his medical reports and medication that would not last more than 48 hours.

However, to trace the child the police officials have let out the physical sketch of the child, which described that he was 3 feet 10 inches tall, weighed 44 lbs (20kg), his hair were cut in Mohawk-style. Moreover, it has been revealed that the boy is wearing a gray shirt, with black and white shorts and Spiderman shoes.

Furthermore, they have illustrated that the father of the child, Jeffrey Stone, 6'6 tall and weighs 230 pounds, shaved head and is wearing a gray shirt, black shorts and is driving either a black or silver Toyota Corolla with California numbering plates.