Tobacco Companies Design New Packing for Cigarettes

Tobacco Companies Design New Packing for CigarettesOn one side, government is leaving no stone unturned to make people quit smoking habit whereas on other side, tobacco companies are working upon new strategies to lure more number of people in to the habit.

Yes, tobacco companies are planning to design the most attractive packaging of their cigarette packs to lure more people into smoking. Reports are confirming that the new packages could somewhat resemble bottles of perfume or packaging with lids on top that flip open like a lighter.

Research published yesterday reveals that the tobacco industry’s efforts of promoting their products have progressively reduced since sometime, if that so then why are the tobacco companies planning so attractive packaging?

To discuss the issue, Department of Health last week launched a public consultation on tobacco packaging. During the discussions, Cancer Research UK said that attractive packaging is latest and the most effective strategy to showcase power of branding and marketing by the tobacco industry.

Mr. Jean King, Director of tobacco control for the charity, said: "Children are drawn to the colorful and slick designs without having a full understanding of how deadly the product is inside the pack. It is time to end the packet racket”.

Tobacco companies are playing a clever game. To attract more women, they have designed pastel colored packaging for long, slender cigarettes especially indicating femininity and style. Men are more into this habit thus bold packaging rules the industry for men smokers.

To stop companies offering of attractive packaging, Cancer Research UK has already filed an appeal yesterday for signatures to its petition urging no branding for tobacco packaging.

Tobacco packaging primarily attracts teenagers and children and thus it has to be kept as standardized as possible.