NHS Affirms Spike in Blood Demand in Summer

NHS Affirms Spike in Blood Demand in SummerNHS is suggesting people to be regular in meeting their GP appointments despite public events taking place in the country as need of the hour is demanding more co-operation from the donors.

Suggestions from NHS are clearing that the country is making efforts to increase Britain's blood stocks by almost 30% than the normal levels as Queen's Jubilee and the Olympic Games are approaching this summer.

NHS warns people and regular donors not to miss appointments with their GPs. They are claiming that the public events will bring more visitors from overseas, which will further increase medical need and place more pressure on certain blood groups that are commonly found in other countries.

With similar beliefs, NHS is urging Britons with O positive and O negative blood types to come forward and serve the nation. As extra services for all donors, NHS has also arranged for additional appointments and extended opening hours of medical facilities to give donors the best flexibility at that time.

Moreover, authorities are also urging all the first-time donors to come forward and give blood, enabling the medical authorities to easily cope with the demand that can exist at the time of events.

Blood has a naturally quick decomposing strength, which says that red blood cells and plasma can last just 35 and seven days respectively. The fact is prompting more number of suppliers to come forward and ensure that a steady flow is maintained for medical purposes.

Mr. Jon Latham, Spokesman for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "This year we have a unique situation and need the public's help to counterbalance the inevitable dip in donations as people celebrate a memorable summer for the country”.

The time is demanding more donations but NHS doubts that the run up to Games, Jubilee celebrations and the Euro football championships events could slump the average by 20%.