Exercise, healthy eating can prevent cancer from coming back

Exercise, healthy eating can prevent cancer from coming backExercise and healthier eating can provide cancer survivors with a better chance to prevent the deadly disease from coming back, an Emory University oncologist said.

Dr. Omer Kucuk said most doctors do not do not stress on exercise and healthier diet and they just discuss treatments like surgery and chemotherapy for their patients.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Kucuk added, "Usually the last thing on their mind is to talk about diet and exercise."

A breast cancer survivor, Hastine Reese, said she started exercising after her encouraged her to do so. Her doctor didn't push her for exercise. Her husband thought exercise would make her fit as well as help her pull out of the depression, from which she had been suffering after her diagnosis and double-mastectomy.

American Cancer Society has long been encouraging exercise and healthy eating as a way to thwart certain cancers. In fact, the cancer society offers a certification program for fitness trainers who work with cancer survivors.