Light Weight Helps in Building More Muscles, say Researchers

Light Weight Helps in Building More Muscles, say ResearchersResearchers are definitely easing out things for all the muscle minded people with their new study and its findings. One has always learnt that more the heavyweights higher are the chances to build up muscles and become a macho man.

But the researchers’ new findings are not supporting the same belief rather they are saying that lighter weights help building more muscles.

Yes, the time has come that you stop working out at those rusty cast-iron dumbbells as start opting for those lighter weights lesser impressive ones to bulk-up better than heavier ones.

The findings have come from Canadian researchers, who explained in their recent study’s findings that building muscle is easier with higher number of repetitions with light weights than the lesser repetitions of heavier weights.

The above study was led by Mr. Nicholas Burd at McMaster University in Ontario. He cleared explaining the findings that the main focus must be over the number of repetition of the action i. e. workout rather than the weight or the size of dumbbells.

“Other resistance protocols, beyond the often discussed high-intensity training, can be effective in stimulating a muscle building response that may translate into bigger muscles after resistance training”, he said.

He insisted that people should opt for lower intensity training sessions with a higher number of repetitions to see a more effective result and gain in shape of their muscles. He further advised the procedure more beneficial for the persons, who have reached their absolute maximum fatigue as he believes they focus maximum and longer work-outs.

But unfortunately same are not the views of a Sydney-based personal trainer and owner of New Outlook Fitness Ms. Natalie Carter, who said that no longer sessions with lighter weights can be more effective than working out with heavier ones.

Series of experiments had been run. Experts advise mixing of high and low reps in same or different workouts to best stimulate muscle growth.