The Stealth Ship to Be Auctioned

The Stealth Ship to Be AuctionedIt has been recently revealed in a report that the Stealth Boat is being put for auction by the U. S. navy. This is the actual boat which was used as a tool of inspiration while making the boat for James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

The boat was used as a part of the marine stealth technology project. The Steal Shadow served a number of purses for the U. S. Navy in the past. The stealth ship was made with the help of individual parts. This was done so that the boat could escape the Russian radar eye. “You take the propellers off it and that thing could really double as a spaceship in any science fiction movie. It looks secret. You want to go and rattle the doorknob on it just to see if you can get in”, said Bruce Ecker, a San Pedro photographer who has documented the ship.

It had all the most well developed technologies required in a ship and now that it stands to be auctioned, it is going to be of great value. It remains to be seen who becomes, the proud owner of this possession.