Asthma Must not be Neglected

AsthmaAsthma is one of the very serious illnesses that are affecting people and their lives today. The illness can also prove deadly if its seriousness is underestimated, say experts.

Reporting that a big number is affected in Northern Ireland from asthma and approx 40 percent asthma sufferers underestimate the seriousness of their condition, charity Asthma UK warns that the negligence is proving deadly every year for many as people are putting themselves at higher chances of having a potentially fatal attack.

According to the reports submitted by charity, Northern Ireland has 182,000 people every year getting affected from asthma and among this number, more than 20 people die from the condition each year whereas more than 1,700 people are hospitalized.

The figures are really terrible and charity urges people to take their medications regularly and consult their GPs immediately in case they doubt the condition is triggering, to avoid any chances of occurrence of asthma attacks.

The action will definitely prevent the growing number of hospital admissions complaining asthma, charity says.

Many in the region had celebrated World Asthma Day. One in the list is Mr. Steven-James Stothers, 23, (an asthma sufferer). He highlighted some very important issues regarding asthma on the occasion to the BBC and said that the condition is spreading as people lack knowledge regarding the risks that are commonly associated with the condition.

"I'd encourage everyone with asthma to avoid attacks because having one is one of the most frightening experiences you can have”, he said.

Asthma UK Northern Ireland also spoke on the big day and suggested people with asthma about the Triple A Test to immediately get to know they are at how much risk of having an attack by thoroughly assessing certain important factors linked to an increased risk of an asthma attack.