Last year saw 10pct drop in UAE road fatalities

A 10 pct plunge was forwarded by traffic cops in Dubai in the number of casualties on the roads in the UAE, as compared with figures for the previous year.

The reason for this achievement was given to tougher enforcement of traffic regulations and the introduction of a points system for offenders.

For the year 2009, there were 109 lesser deaths on the roads, explained Col Ghaith al Zaabi, the director general of traffic co-ordination at the Ministry of Interior.

But the year still witnessed 963 people dieing on the country's roads

The roads in the UAE were ranked as some of the World's most dangerous by a World Health Organisation (WHO) report last year.

The UAE government was requested by health chiefs to make motoring laws stricter following the report specified that UAE road users are almost seven times more likely to be killed than those in Britain.

The study said, "37.1 people were killed on roads in the Emirates for every 100,000 people in 2007, the latest year for which UAE statistics are available."

As of now, the ministry is looking forward for a further 20 percent reduction in road deaths over the next three years.