Anxiety More Pronounced In Arthritis Patients

Anxiety More Pronounced In Arthritis PatientsIt won’t be surprising to see a person with arthritis, also suffering from anxiety or depression. A recent research commissioned by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has proposed that an estimated one-third Americans with arthritis above the age of 45 are suffering from mental illness problems of anxiety or depression.

Rather, it has been discovered that the effect of anxiety is more pronounced in adults with arthritis, almost twice as high as depression.

However, previously commissioned studies illustrate that depression is common amongst people with such kind of disabilities and also other chronic illness and conditions. However, previous reports even emphasize that many of researchers and experts believed that anxiety is more common amongst these people, but its recognition was not done till then.

However, the recent study led by Dr. Louise Murphy, who works at the Arthritis Program at the CDC, Atlanta, Georgia, and other team members collected information from 1,793 participants who were either diagnosed with arthritis or some other rheumatoid condition.

Further, an assessment of their anxiety and depression was made using Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales. It was acknowledged that 31% of the participants suffered from anxiety, while 18% were suffering from depression. Rather, it was assessed that 84% patients suffering from depression complained of anxiety too.