Patients to Be Shifted Due To Hospital Refurbishment

Patients to Be Shifted Due To Hospital Refurbishment ?It has been recently revealed in a report that patients from the Marie Curie Hospice are soon going to be shifted to a special ward situated in the Western General hospital, so that the facility can undergo the required changes in the time to come. This is a huge refurbishment project that shall cost the hospital a huge sum of £2.7 million in the time to come.

“We’re very grateful to NHS Lothian for accommodating us whilst we carry out a much-needed refurbishment of our hospice. We’d like to reassure all of our patients and their families that, during the next six months”, said Margaret White, assistant director of hospices for Marie Curie.

There was dire need for this refurbishment because the facility had a few shortcomings. This huge refurbishment amount shall mean that all the problems being faced by the hospital shall be overcome in the time to come, with the help of the combined efforts of the staff as well as the authorities.

It remains to be seen when this happens and whether the patients get their needs and requirements fulfilled at the end of the ordeal in the time to come or not.