Free Care Should Be Only For Poor and Vulnerable

careThe Centre for Social Justice has come down hard on the policies of the government stating that it should set its priorities straight. In its reports, it has categorically said that the middle class that is well-off should not expect help with care home bills.

The subsidy that the government provides should only be meant for the poor and the vulnerable. It also mentioned that the care system has been going through turmoil and that it has been treating many people very badly. The quality of the care in the region as also dropped below the standard.

It also insisted that the ministers should think twice before coming up with new reforms that would spare thousands of older people from the need to sell their homes to pay care home bills. There have also adjudicated guidelines like increase of threshold from £23,000 to £100,000.

The Institute of Economic Affairs also issued a statement stating that there would the dire financial repercussions of these mistaken reforms. It added that rather than campaigning for reforms these pressure groups should come up with practical solutions to the problems that is being faced in the delivery of more effective care at lower cost.