New Anti-Blindness Drug

New Anti-Blindness DrugIt has been revealed in a recent report that with the use of an all new anti-blindness mode of treatment, the NHS might soon be able to save a lot of money. Avastin is the name of the drug and it is a cost effective mode of treatment that can help people in staving off the risk of the disease in the time to come. This might be able to save about £84m a year for the NHS.

For now the drug Lucentis is being used by the NHS for preventing blindness in people, and this costs £700 per shot which is must costlier than the £60 per shot. This is why there is need for a more ideal mode of treatment to be developed for the prevention of blindness in the time to come.

This shall work for the benefit of the patients as well as the NHS. There is need for efforts to be made for the effective cost cutting as well as treating the disease effectively.

“The trials cannot provide definitive safety information and the overall question of the safety of Avastin is, unfortunately, not answered to everyone’s satisfaction by these trials”, said a spokesman for the Macular Disease Society.