New Pork Import Rules

New Pork Import RulesIt has been recently revealed that there has been the incorporation of new import rules for the transport of pork. These new standards have been revealed by the Ministry of Primary Industries and they are of the view that these rules are finally out in the law, after there were number of efforts made for blocking them, by the opposition.

These new rules shall be able to make the import of pork more suitable for the diverse needs of people. It shall also mean that it will be effectively tested for being free from all possible diseases and infections before the import.

"It is MPI's role to carefully consider the biosecurity risks and all available science before making a decision. The Court's decision reconfirms MPI as the statutory body responsible for making such determinations and endorses the process we followed to reach that decision", said MPI Director-General Wayne McNee.

It remains to be seen how these new police effect the further transportation of pork in the time to come, and how it shall be made possible for the importers to continue with their trade with ease.