International Day of Midwife Enthusiastically Celebrated

International Day of Midwife Enthusiastically CelebratedIt has been reported that May 5 was enthusiastically celebrated as International Day of the Midwife at Khoula Hospital. As per findings, it has proposed that an event was organized by Nursing and Midwifery Affairs Department at the occasion.

It has been illustrated that like each year, even this year the event was celebrated under the theme Midwives Save Lives. It has been discovered that the event was fully supported by Dr Darwish bin Saif al Maharbi, Health Ministry's Under-Secretary for Health Affairs.

It has been notified that more than 150 doctors, nurses and midwives were a part of the event. Moreover, a speech was delivered by Dr. Ali bin Mahad al Ma'ashani, Director-General of Khoula Hospital, who asserted that the role played by midwives was essentially important. He affirmed that their role helped sustain the relation between mother and her child.

He emphasized that their presence was far too important during pregnancy and birth. Nevertheless, it has been advocated that the need of this profession today is much more than ever needed.

It has been revealed that New Zealand Nurses Organization has been putting up with 700 New Zealand midwives, so far, who have been supporting many mothers.